Most frequent questions and answers

It’s a good news for buyers of salt lamps, they can enjoy it as long lasting as they want because salt lamps don’t dissolve. But little bit of precaution measures are required:

  1. Save crystal salt lamps from any accidental dop amd place on a safe place.
  2. Don’t let it dip in water.
  3. Don’t leave the salt lamp in a humid environment especially when you are not available at home to remove from there.
  4. If you want to preserve your salt lamp then try to wrap it in a plastic sheet and a plastic food wrapper can also work well for the purpose

As it’s proved that electronic devices which we use in our daily routine such as computer systems, laptops,cell phones, television etc. It’s an obvious fact that we can’t cut down their usage from our life. But it’s possible to fight against the electromagnetic rays released from these devices via placing a Himalayan salt lamp near working area permanently.

Absolutely yes, you can let a salt lamp ON everytime because it doesn’t as heaten up as other Common lamps to cause any kind of spark or burn.

There is an absolute NO in reply for this query. Because a salt lamp neither melt nor create a leakage of water to compare it with ice. It just absorbs moisture from humid environment and releases it back which can cause a minor wetness.

Well. leaking water from lamp is not something to get panic and doubtful because a salt lamps melt in a specific atmosphere like in humidity. So, avoid placing it in bathrooms and also laundry areas to secure it from swearing,

Although, a salt lamp causes wetness but you may also insert a saucer and a plastic cover underneath it to secure your furniture from any kind  of stain.

As salt lamp is mainly associated with the Himalayan mountain range of Pakistan which is one of the biggest source of rock salt. So, go for some Pakistani Himalayan salt lamp company which can ensure the purity of pink salt lamp. Moreover, Pakistani company being a hub of Himalayan salt products offers comparative low prices.

If there’s something which can fulfill the requirement of interior wellness and also the beneficial for health then why not to replace with something which only seeks decor. Similarly, Himalayan salt lamp generates negative ions to benefit the atmosphere and enhances look of ambiance

Having unique shapes, soothing light and of course, health benefits; the Himalayan salt lamps are quite different from other decorative lamps. They are best to add an aesthetic crystal look in an interior and also to seek lots of environmental benefits.

A salt lamp is not an usual ingredient having lamp, it’s especially made of Himalayan rock salt found in the Himalayan mountain range of Pakistan. The salt mines are the natural reservoir of pink Himalayan salt. The workers who perform their job in these mines pruned the crystalling pieces of salt into beautiful shapes of lamps.